“I Write Because…”

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It’s interesting to read other bloggers’ stories of what motivate them to write. Either to discover themselves, express their thoughts, share their experiences, interact with other people, or find out something new, each of them has a unique story which makes her or his blog different. I’m glad I found the article today, because it reminds me of why I started this blog in the first place and now my spirit is recharged after reading it. 🙂

As for me, I have been in love with writing since the first time my father taught me how to write a word properly, and how to make my sentences readable by using a space between each word. Continue reading “I Write Because…”

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Speaking of 2016…


In the very end of December, I saw many people filling the feed on either Facebook, Instagram, or literally anywhere, with stories of their success in 2016. Many of them said that 2016 is a wonderful year, with this achievement or that improvement… And there was this moment when I came to the point of dullness, numbness, and boredom, as I read their stories. Then I decided  to totally stop reading.

I asked myself after that, “What about your 2016?” and as I looked at my days last year, I immediately turned my head back. Unlike those people, I didn’t see 2016 as something pleasant. What I saw was a horrifying creature, curling in the dark, its hands crawling, its voice hoarse and scary. Unfortunately, after that short glimpse, I realized that the creature was me.
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Breaking the silence

Daphne: I hate you! I hate him! Ugh! Can you just—ugh! I hate you!

Robert: Are you okay?


Robert: …?

Daphne: You… heard that just now.

Robert: Is that a question? Yes, I heard that. What is it?

Daphne: No, no. I’m good. Really.

Robert: *sits next to Daphne* Well, I don’t think so. Tell me.

Daphne: No, really, it’s just… something I read.

Robert: On a messenger?

Daphne: *hides phone* Umm, that’s—

Robert: *sighs* It’s that guy again, isn’t it? What is it now?

Daphne: Don’t blame him.

Robert: So it’s really him.


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