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Only now I realize this fatigue

I have been in this journey for as long as I can remember. Only now I realize I am more than just physically exhausted. Walking this windy road has drained all my energy; even my mind can’t think straight. I don’t remember where, when, why, and how I started this journey. I don’t remember the purpose of this journey, or the destination I am trying to reach.

I can only remember that I wasn’t alone when I began this journey. I can still remember the excitement at that time. I can still remember how happy I was for starting a very big journey with a lot of people who seemed to feel the same. They were all around me, walking with me, exchanging smiles, supporting words, and cheers with me. I was really sure that this journey would be a lot of fun.

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In the new eyes of mine

Me: I lost my phone today.

John: For real?!

Me: Yes.

John: You don’t look sad.

Me: I’m crying inside.

John: … Should I laugh?

Me: Go on.

John: No, for real, though. How did it happen?

Me: A man took it from me when I was about to get off from the bus. He sat alone on the backseat and looked like taking something behind my back and moved quickly on his seat when I turned my head to him. I didn’t notice it, but the man indeed looked suspicious now that I think about it.

John: Did you tell your parents about it?

Me: Of course. Nobody’s home at that time, so I called them.

John: Were they angry?

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Breaking the silence

Daphne: I hate you! I hate him! Ugh! Can you just—ugh! I hate you!

Robert: Are you okay?


Robert: …?

Daphne: You… heard that just now.

Robert: Is that a question? Yes, I heard that. What is it?

Daphne: No, no. I’m good. Really.

Robert: *sits next to Daphne* Well, I don’t think so. Tell me.

Daphne: No, really, it’s just… something I read.

Robert: On a messenger?

Daphne: *hides phone* Umm, that’s—

Robert: *sighs* It’s that guy again, isn’t it? What is it now?

Daphne: Don’t blame him.

Robert: So it’s really him.


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I felt trapped, lost, confused, and empty. I tried to calm myself down, but nothing worked. Then, suddenly, a post from an old friend on Facebook enlightened me. I realized that when I’m almost drowned, God always shows the way to save myself. Sometimes, the way he shows is one that I never expect before.