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Still exploring the whole new world

I opened my Favorite list on YouTube today and found this. My friend shared the link on our “Hogwarts House” group the other day. It’s been like the third times I watched the video, and I was still moved.

The song is beautiful to begin with. The music is fantastic and magical. The lyrics is strong and emotional. I think Brad Kane and Lea Salonga’s voices suit the song really well. Everyone can easily get stuck by the song. Don’t blame me if you start singing the song over and over again after watching the video. I did, too. 😀

Now, after more than 23 years, it’s surprising to see the singers reunited again. They still have beautiful voice, and I must say that their faces don’t really age. I agree with people on the comment section, that listening to their voice, not only can bring back childhood memories, but also makes me imagine Aladdin and Jasmine singing the song in front of their children, still happily married. ❤

[via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic]



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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