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Going out with the victory

Life is not very considerate toward me recently. Some personal matters keep crowding my mind, then two of the cats at home left me behind in this world, and I sprained my right ankle this morning. The last is not very bad, but it is truly bothering me because it’s been very much a while since the last time I sprained my right ankle twice in two weeks, precisely once a week on the same day around the same time, around three years ago. Thank God I’m perfectly fine until today. What a miracle, huh? 😉

Anyway, that’s not what I’m going to discuss today.

One day, my sister showed me a viral video of a boy who keeps saying the word “apparently” like chanting. I believe everybody knows him. Few months later, my brother showed everyone in the house a video of Shia LaBeouf singing a song with a very hilarious yet random lyrics, and told me that he is actually only talking, but his speech has been turned into a song, thus the word “songify” is mentioned in title. My brother then showed me the songified version of the “Apparently Kid” video, and I must admit that I was pretty impressed. Then, the song got stuck in my head and I started using the boy’s favorite word so often that I didn’t even realize it. After that, I only know that I’ve been a loyal subscriber of Schmoyoho and The Gregory Brothers.

One of the songified speech my brother showed me is the one I’m sharing here. Despite all of the life burden challenging me all the time, I’m trying to keep being positive at any rate. This song has been sending me some positive vibe, somehow, whenever I listen to it, and at the end of the day, I find myself humming the song or mumbling the lyrics like a magical chant, just like how Noah Ritter, the Apparently Kid, loves his newly-discovered word. Apollos Hester’s words are already strong, and Schmoyoho has made them stronger by songifying them into an upbeat song.

A single song, of course, can’t really physically help me through the day. But, at least, I can be reminded every time I listen to the song, that life is a tough battle and I must always pull myself together and fight, because as long as I keep doing my best, I might achieve the victory. 🙂

Well, by sharing the video here, I hope this song can send its positive vibe to you too! Have a wonderful day! 😀



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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