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A Shepherd, a Samurai, and a Detective (Heading to Nicopolis)

After very hectic college days, I thought spending my time with things I love can be a cure. Writing helps me letting out my stress. Drawing helps me forget all the bad feelings. I completed it with reading, which always helps me to “escape” from the chaos of reality and explore my mind.

Started not long after the last class of the previous term, I read a few books. The books provide me different adventures. I went around the world with a shepherd, and then explored Japan in early 17th century with a ronin (a samurai with no lord or master), and not long after that, I went to London to investigate a suicide case with a detective. It was tiring and I have a disappointment for some part of the adventure, but it is relaxing and refreshing.

Here are my brief thoughts I got from the adventures I’d been through.

18367755I posted a quote from this book on another post. This is a story of Santiago who tried to find a treasure. But, well, it’s not only about that. Reading this kind of philosophical book, we need to use our heart more than our head. In an adventure of searching, the process is always more important than the beginning and the end. This book invites us to follow Santiago’s adventure in searching of a treasure. It’s not about Santiago’s success or failure in getting the treasure, but it’s more about exploring the deepest meaning of the world, life, God, and identity, that he experienced from the beginning until the end of the book.

This book shows us that a searching can’t be done in only one or two days. Moreover, this book shows us that sometimes we don’t need to go too far to find what we are looking for. Sometimes we just need to recognize ourselves deeper. I can say this book is full of values, where there are many inspirations we can get from almost every page of it.

7643584I had read the first book long time ago. When I got the opportunity to read the sequel, it was like refresh the memories of Matsuyama Kaze, a ronin who was looking for his former master’s daughter, and his adventure in the first book. This book, like the first one, gave me its own preoccupation. In this second series, once again I was carried away by the story of Matsuyama Kaze which is very well told by Dale Furutani. The way he tells the story is so detailed that the readers can feel like really brought to Japan in the past. Like watching an action movie, every scene is told carefully, especially the sword fight scenes, which are incredible. I may not understand well about martial arts and sword arts, but in Kaze, everything is clearly defined, so it can be understood by a general reader like me. Kaze might seem too perfect, but he is a depiction of the result of perseverance and integrity in a hard training.

As well as fairy tales and legends, Jade Palace Vendetta presents a story full of moral and philosophical portrayed through the traits of each character, moreover with the haikus which become the seasoning for the adventure. This is an extraordinary book.

7936270Although it seems that every series can be read separately, the last book still be the “complementary puzzle piece” of Matsuyama Kaze’s story. The end of the story is surprising, although it can be predicted beforehand. Honestly, as a reader, I didn’t expect that kind of situation when Kaze finally found the girl. Something was up, like a feeling of sorry, although Kaze could successfully fulfill his promise. However, I know that every fight has its price. Although it is displeasing, I have to accept the ending, because with that, I can see the phenomenon occurred many years ago, which unfortunately, appears again around us today.

Once again I think I have to appreciate Dale Furutani’s ability to carefully describe every fight and battle scene, even the mindset that is used by the characters in each scene. Readers are invited not only to imagine the fight scenes, but also like directly involved in the scene. Congratulations, Mr. Furutani, for successfully brought me back to Japan in early 17th century in an adventure with Matsuyama Kaze, a true samurai.

18802299When a friend of mine told me that the writer of the book is J.K. Rowling, I couldn’t hide my interest. When I finally had the opportunity to read it, well… I must remember that it is a crime story, not a magical fantasy story. In the hand of Harry Potter series‘ writer, the story about an investigation of a supermodel’s suicide mystery is expected to be amazing. Unfortunately, I have to admit that this book is not like what I’d expected. I was a bit more interested in the story after I reached page 308. At first I hoped Robert Galbraith would give me a surprise in the following pages, but even another murder case couldn’t disturb the bland feelings at all.

As a debut, I can say this is a good work. Crime story does indeed need more carefulness and preciseness, and finishing this book so it can be enjoyed by readers is an appreciable effort. I hope this kind of negative impressions will not last long after I read the next story of Cormoran Strike.

I don’t stop the adventure in London. I’m in Nicopolis now, where The Crusade was underway between the Christians and Muslims. I still don’t know how it will end, but I will find out soon. For you who are reading this, I invite you to start your adventure too. Remember, what you read today creates what you become tomorrow.

Happy reading, everyone! 🙂



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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