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Why Norway did not embrace Islamophobia.

Anybody, from any society, will surely agree that freedom of speech is good. We talk about the murder. Who’s behind this? Every group of communities has a tendency to be “I’m good, the others are bad,” and this tendency should be pressed down at the moment, because this murder involved an extremist group that’s not coming from any communities. They may consider themselves as Islam, but I think there’s no pure religion that allows the adherents to do barbaric moves. Yes, Norway, we all should be as humanitarian and fair-minded as you.

Jesus, Mary and all that

The recent terrorist attacks have horrified people around the world. That includes the vast majority of Muslims, as well as Christians, Jews and atheists. Right-wing politicians are already using these events as an excuse to keep peddling their half-baked assertions and prejudices.

Owen Jones, a columnist at the Guardian, recently wrote a very good column entitled; “Norway did not give in to Islamophobia, and neither should France”.

As my mother is Norwegian, and I have spent a great deal of time in Norway with friends and relatives, I would like to respond to Jones’s article by discussing what the Norwegians are like, and how this has influenced how things have played out in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in the Oslo area in 2011. A lone gunman, who happened to be Norwgian, after having planted a car bomb in the capital, found his way onto a nearby island. Here the…

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