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I think this world really needs agents of change.

I went to an apple garden few weeks ago, where with only Rp60,000,- (about US$4-6) we can enter the garden, get a free cup of apple juice, a free toast, and pick two apples. That day, my family and I entered the garden without guard, because there were no  guards left as it was a holiday and the garden was so full of visitors. We late to know that we should enter with the guard, so there would be no cheating.

When we walked in the garden, we found many other families without guard. Then my father said, “Well, if they let people in without assistance like this, they’ll not know if somebody picks more than two apples.”

That was what happened.

Someone picked an apple and ate it in place. If they thought it wasn’t a good apple, they would throw it away and look for another apple, no matter if they had picked two apples.

I was so afraid. Many cheating that day, and I couldn’t do anything. I was angry, but I could only kept it in my heart and didn’t show it. I felt so bad and really wanted to get out quickly from the garden. Then I thought, “How can I be the agent of change if I just keep quiet and run away when I see many things to be changed around me?”

Well, I think that’s the real test for agent of change.



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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