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Please All and You Will Please None

I found the title of this writing from an English exam, in a story about a father and his son who took a walk, carrying their donkey with them. In the way, they met some people who always commenting their act. The first person said they’re stupid because they didn’t ride their donkey—so the father ride the donkey. The second person they met said the father was heartless because he let his son walked while he rode the donkey—so the son rode the donkey while his father walked. The third person said the son was disobedient because he let his father walked while he rode the donkey—so they both rode the donkey. It wasn’t end here. They met someone who said that they’re cruel because they make a poor donkey carried them on—so then, they carried the donkey on them. When they entered the village, people laugh for what they did. In the end, when they walked on the bridge, the rope to tie the donkey was loose, made the donkey kicked the son and fell to the river, and with that the son died. Lost its balance, the donkey fell to the river too, and the father who tied with the donkey on him, fell over too. So that, please all and you will please none.

A few months ago, student council in my school held a festival and seminar. We invited a good music group that was on the rise. We invited a good speaker for our seminar. I felt everything was fine until I found a problem in seminar day.

There were some technical problems that I think made the speaker a bit impatient. When the problem with the speaker had finished, the head of Event Section told us that after this, the music group might became angry too. The problem was, because of his impatient, the speaker tried to settle up all the problem by himself, including changed the sound system’s settings—which had been set for the music group.

“We caught in the same problem yesterday with them (the music group),” the head of Event Section said. “They want this and that, oh God.”

“And now the event is delayed because of technical problems. He (the speaker) is really angry,” the Committee Chairman added.

We talked and talked, discussed what to do with the music group that would perform after the speaker. We invited both, and of course we want to treat them well. But we can’t do that in the same then. Finally, with an advice from our supervisor teacher, we took a conclusion.

“Now, what are we really want? Knowledge from the speaker or entertainment from the music group? This is seminar, so the speaker is more important. For this situation, we must tell them (the music group) about all things that happened. But we can’t be on the both side.”

That’s the real example of the title. People can say anything to us, but we must have a principle. We can’t just be a follower. We must know what we really need and what we really want. Some people’s words might right and we can take it to our benefit, but for some worthless critics… ah, better leave it!



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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