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You are Good, then…?

My friend gave me an idea to write down this story. It’s about a girl who was the best in her life. Her friends started to hate her for being a “golden girl”, although it wasn’t entirely her fault. Her teacher treated her like an angel, so the other students would think that they were nothing. This story came from her friends’ side. They said that she treated them like the teacher treated them—nothing. They said that she always looked at them like they were the worst student she’d ever seen. They said that she just wanted to be good for herself, like she didn’t allow anybody to be better than her.

Brian's BrainOne day, she was called by the teacher. It was a different teacher with the one who made her a “golden girl”. It was a teacher who was neutral with all the problems between her and her friends. When she walked to the teacher’s room, she saw two of her friends—who hated her most—came out with a sharp sight of her. She ignored their sight and walked in.

“I want to ask you something,” said the teacher after the girl took a seat.

“Yes,” the girl nodded. “What is it, Ma’am?”

The teacher smiled. She opened a book and said, “Well, you’ve made a great improvement. You’re getting better, better, and better. I’m pretty sure all the teachers are proud of you.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” the girl smiled shyly.

“But,” the teacher sighed, “compare it to your friends’ report, I don’t know how to say… I’m very disappointed. You know, too little from your friends have made a good improvement like you, while others don’t make significant changes, and… this Riley, she is… I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She is not getting better. Any clues?”

The girl listened with a little questioned. Why is this discussion leading to Riley? “Riley, yeah, I think she is a bit lazy, Ma’am. We’re trying hard to help her, but she is like having her own world of laziness. Everyone in the dormitory doesn’t know what to do.”

“Are you trying to help her too?”

“Ah, Ma’am, I’m not her roommate nor her floor-mate. Her room is at the second floor, while I am at the first floor.”

“So, you’re at the same floor with Lucia?”

The girl started to see what the real topic was. Riley and Lucia, two girls she met before she entered the room. “Yes, Ma’am,” the girl nodded with a little hesitation.

“Okay,” the teacher nodded. “Now I want to tell you all I heard recently, about you. I know you know, and I want you to tell me all you think about this. Some of your friends—a bit much—don’t like you. They said you’re now different with the first time you came. You’re now a golden girl, make so much improvement in every subject. But they said that you’re starting not to treat them like usual. They said to me that you think it’s better to have a lot of of enemy if you’re on the right side. It made them feel you think they’re all bad.” The teacher saw a bit shocked in the girl’s face, but she continued, “Please explain.”

“I…” The girl started, but then stopped and be quiet for a moment. “Actually, I’m a bit confused about this, Ma’am. Okay, yes, I’d ever said about it, that I’ll be good to have many enemies, if I am on the right side, and yeah, in my heart I know I shouldn’t approach some of them because they’re not good students. But, Ma’am, it’s not entirely my fault. I mean, if they’re knowing that I’m the golden girl in their eyes, why don’t they ask me, clarify it, or at least be better? Why should they hate me? If they said I hate them, oh please… what’s the good of it? I know Riley and Lucia were here to tell you all about it. But, you know, Ma’am, Riley is my classmate, she sits next to me everyday, but she’d never ask me anything! If she knows I’m better than her, why don’t she try, instead of making trouble? Why doesn’t she talk to me, ask me questions, and start to make friend with me? Above it all, am I guilty? I don’t think so, Ma’am.”

The teacher listened in silence. When the girl finished, she sighed. “Let’s make it easy,” she said. “We live in an egoistic world, where everything is individual, like, ‘I must get this,’ or, ‘You must do this to me’. But when, I ask you, when we try to say, ‘You must get this,’ and, ‘I must do this to them’? Almost never. I know you’re not guilty. Being a golden girl is not your desire. I’ve heard the story from both sides, your side and your friends’ side, and I know where the problem is. Yes, they should ask you, but with their hatred, they will wait until you come and say sorry. You, in your egoistic, will not do that.”


“Wait,” the teacher cut the girl’s words. “It’s not wrong too if they want to blame you. You know why? Because you’re really not there to make them certain that you don’t hate them. You’re like making a wall between you and them, not letting anybody to cross it. Why don’t you try first to open your door?”

“Why it should be me instead of them?”

“Because you said you don’t hate them, while they said they don’t like you. They’ll not approach you. Now that you’re the best, the golden girl, you can’t keep the fortune for yourself. One thing that I’m very disappointed from you is, you are next to Riley in the classroom. What on earth you can be the best while Riley is getting worse? What on earth to Riley can be the worst while she sat next to the golden girl? The way of goodness is certainly very narrow, and you may be always walk alone. But, why don’t you ask Riley to walk behind you? Do you want to have all the way of goodness for yourself?”

I don’t know what will I say if I become the girl. It’s a true story, but It hasn’t ended yet. The golden girl, was never hate someone, but she seemed to never try to talk to talk to anybody about the problem too. One thing that I recommend to her is: be a buffer, like in a chemistry class. Keep the pH stable. I mean, if they hate you, it make a bad feeling in their heart. By being a buffer, you can make their feelings stable, or even be better, and you can be your enemies’ friend. Doesn’t it look good?



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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