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Happiness Over All Pains

One day, a man met a beautiful woman. She was friendly and kind, and loved to share her smiles. The man was happy—seemed he was influenced by the woman. He thought that the woman must be never had any pains in her life.

“You seemed so happy,” said the man. “Your face is like a bright sun, and your smile is like a twinkling star. Your life must be full of happiness. Am I right?”

The woman smiled softly once again and replied, “Thank you for all your compliments. Nevertheless, you’ve made one mistake. My life is not as happy as you think.”

“Really?” asked the man, between confused and curious.

Nodding, the woman told the man about her life.  She had been a happy wife with a kind husband and two polite sons. One day, when she was cleaning the house and her husband had been gone to work in the village, her sons were playing in the backyard. Out of her sight, the older son took a knife from the kitchen and playing it with his younger brother. Suddenly, the younger son cried and when she looked at the backyard, she saw the older son was running away, left his brother who was crying with much blood out from his stomach. She was so shocked that she could not do anything—helped her younger son nor called out her older son who was running to the forest.

By that time, her husband came back from the village. He was also shocked and asked her what happened. She came out of her reverie and answered quickly, so the husband immediately followed his older son. When she wanted to see the younger son’s condition, she realized that his cries was stopped. Unfortunately, he had passed away because he had lost too much blood. Now she couldn’t do anything. She waited for her husband and older son.

After her younger son’s funeral, when the sun was set, a villager came to her house and said falteringly, “Sorry, Ma’am, but I am pretty sure I’ve found your husband and son.”

“Really? Where are they?” she asked excitedly.

The villager seemed so sorry and could not speak more. But then, he told the woman that her husband and son had been died. He said that her husband wanted to help his son who was caught by a tiger, but unfortunately the tiger killed him. Frightened about his father’s death, her older son used the knife which he brought from home to suicide. He was died next to his father.

“It happened in one day,” the woman ended her story. “The villager was also frightened and ran away when the tiger found his position. After that time, I lived alone in my house, near the river.”

After a long silence, the man asked, “So, how could you seemed this happy? You… should be… sad.”

The woman nodded. “Yes, of course. I feel sad. Until now. I lost all people who could make me happy. I lost all my happiness. But I believe, everything is as God’s will. I know it must be really hard to go on, but I do not want to be lose from destiny. My family’s death can make me down, but when I remembered their face and smile, it seemed like they shouted to me, ‘Mom, you must go on! Fighting, and we will meet again and be happy as before. We will be together again.’ So, after that, I smiled and try to look like nothing happen. You know, best wish need a faith to make it real.”

Listening the woman, the man almost cried. He never knew there are woman who was very strong like her. Finally, the man decided to marry the woman, and together, they trough and covered all their pains with happiness.



'Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf / Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam [Eminem - Rap God]

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