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Only now I realize this fatigue

I have been in this journey for as long as I can remember. Only now I realize I am more than just physically exhausted. Walking this windy road has drained all my energy; even my mind can’t think straight. I don’t remember where, when, why, and how I started this journey. I don’t remember the purpose of this journey, or the destination I am trying to reach.

I can only remember that I wasn’t alone when I began this journey. I can still remember the excitement at that time. I can still remember how happy I was for starting a very big journey with a lot of people who seemed to feel the same. They were all around me, walking with me, exchanging smiles, supporting words, and cheers with me. I was really sure that this journey would be a lot of fun.

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In the new eyes of mine

Me: I lost my phone today.

John: For real?!

Me: Yes.

John: You don’t look sad.

Me: I’m crying inside.

John: … Should I laugh?

Me: Go on.

John: No, for real, though. How did it happen?

Me: A man took it from me when I was about to get off from the bus. He sat alone on the backseat and looked like taking something behind my back and moved quickly on his seat when I turned my head to him. I didn’t notice it, but the man indeed looked suspicious now that I think about it.

John: Did you tell your parents about it?

Me: Of course. Nobody’s home at that time, so I called them.

John: Were they angry?

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A little thought about “Terminal” by Roderick Gordon

I’d just finished reading the series yesterday. It might not be an extremely popular series like Harry Potter, but it indeed has something unique: the idea, the characterization, the ending. It’s probably the first time I felt restless for the whole day after finishing a series of book.

The series tells me about one important thing, that as humans, we often forget about what is important. Our position as one of many kinds of creatures in the whole universe, what we are supposed to do when we are still given the opportunity to live, and what we are living for. This series reminds me of these questions, leading me to once again review my life and what I am trying to achieve.

It’s been a great journey in the series. Thank you, Roderick Gordon. 🙂